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Posted 01/04/2022 in Free Topic

Banner Marketing

Banner Marketing

Banner marketing or sponsorship program is one of the most effective and cheaper ways to promote your business. Banner advertising depends of many options to be effective just like a regular physical store, it needs to be striking choosing the right format, colors, location (placement) and information to display. It needs to be placed in the right place and some places charge a different prices depending of its location or placement, they could be showed at the top, bottom or side of a page. To determine the right place, first we need to look at how many times it shows in one page or pages and how much traffic that page have to be able to monetize the banner the way we want, that is why is always recommended to get as much as information is needed from the website you are interested to start with your banner advertising.

If you don't have the time to do it, some websites even offer an extra service for making the banner for you, normally a one time fee on top of your monthly payment for advertising. But design and eye catching is not all that it is... 

We recommend to have the following features on your banner for better results:

1. Not too much but important information

2. Simple eye catching

3. Have a (CTA) call-to-action (redirecting to your page)

4. Use interactive designs 

5. Blend well with the content and colors of the website

Another fact to remember, that call-to-action works in different ways, it will give traffic to your website and at the same time increasing your rank with the page your are displaying your banner, their content will help your visibility and like we said before more content, more visibility, more visits, more clients.  

Spiritual Classifieds offer sponsorships (banner advertising) for spiritual businesses and the good news is, you don' t have to be one of our members to participate. We offer a plethora of banner locations, all pages or a specific page for different prices. We also offer the option to make your personalized banner at your request with the right specifications to make it work for the best potential. Please contact us for more information or any requests.

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