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Posted 03/14/2023 in Member by John Marani

Interview with Jupiter, Part 2

Interview with Jupiter, Part 2

John: If we return the idea of truth for a moment, Jupiter, your reputation also precedes you. 

Jupiter: I am fascinated. Do tell! 

John: My understanding is that as the planet of expansion, you tend to, well, expand things… 

Jupiter: You catch on quickly! I don’t see a point here yet, though… 

John: If I could finish the statement, please. 

Jupiter: As you said, it’s your world. 

John: Consequently, there is a distinct tendency for you to expand the truth. How do you respond to that? 

Jupiter: You’re saying that I exaggerate, that I somehow make things bigger than they should be, that I intentionally increase… 

John: I’m going to start calling you Monsieur Roget if you’re not careful. 

Jupiter: Who’s that? 

John: The guy who wrote a famous thesaurus. 

Jupiter: I love those! There can always be more ways of expressing the most glorious…[looks at John] You crossed your arms again. That can’t be good. 

John: To borrow a phrase, ‘you catch on quickly’. [pause] Would you care to answer my question? 

Jupiter: Of course! 

John: “Of course”? Is that the answer to my question or a signal that you will eventually answer it? 

Jupiter: You do NOT give up! But yes, I will absolutely answer it. 

John: Excellent. That’s what we’re all waiting for. 

Jupiter: Then you shall have it. The short answer is yes, I do have a tendency to exaggerate things. 

John: Everything or just some things? 

Jupiter: Everything. If you’re going to exaggerate, you gotta do it big. 

John: That could almost be your motto! 

Jupiter: What? “Gotta do it big!”? 

John: That’s what I’m thinking. 

Jupiter: Can’t deny it! Sounds good to me! 

John: I realize this is kind of a leading question, but here goes: Don’t you see any potential problems with making everything bigger? 

Jupiter: It’s what I do. It’s up to guys like you to figure out potential problems. But generally speaking, as I was saying earlier, people like having me around. 

John: Well, I would posit that they like the IDEA of you about half as much as the actual you. 

Jupiter: [mock frown] Wow, you went all Andy Rooney on me there. Kind of a downer, aren’t you? That’s why Saturn likes you so much! That old bastard brags on you all the time. 

John: In Jupiter-speak, that means he made a moderately favorable statement about me at one time. Correct? 

Jupiter: [hands up] You got me! [smirks] Yeah…I don’t really pay attention to amounts or numbers. I mean, it’s the overall view of life, that’s what counts. 

John: Just making sure. I’d like my readers to make sure they have an accurate picture of who you are. 

Jupiter: Well, I mean, to be fair, accuracy has its place, but I need to be free to take some poetic license! The idea that words mean exactly what they’re supposed to is so…Mercury’s department. 

John: Of course. [writes on iPad] So let’s see. Desperate need for freedom: check. Exaggeration of the truth: Check. 

Jupiter: Now wait a second! What is truth? How can you say I exaggerate if we don’t talk about what that IS? 

John: As you may recall, I was attempting to get to that topic a little earlier. 

Jupiter: [thinks for a moment] Ah yes! Of course you were! The truth is really about how I see the world, and that can change. 

John: So what you’re saying is that your “truth” evolves, based on the overall principles and situations I find myself in at a given point in my life? 

Jupiter: Will you look at that! That’s EXACTLY what I’d have said.

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