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Posted 04/01/2022 in April

April 2022 - Member of the month

April 2022 - Member of the month

Dr. Riley is a mother, a Veteran, and an experienced entrepreneur with 36 years in the IT industry.  Her experience provides her the understanding and knowledge to support those who are looking to gain their emotional freedom.  Dr. Leigh Riley is a certified Reiki Master and an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.   She is also certified by the National Certification Center of Energy Practitioners (NCCOEP) in Clinical Reiki and Laying On of Hands.

Her passion is to provide healing on both an emotional and physical level.  Whether on a personal or organizational level, She enjoy coaching and mentoring organizations and leaders from a heart-centered focus on their life and careers. Combining her unique skillset as an entrepreneur and energy healer she strive to uncover the passion in people that will drive change within themselves and their organizations.

She is a member of The Monroe Institute’s Professional Association, which has been at the forefront of efforts to explore and expand our collective knowledge about the nature and potential of human consciousness, and to extend the use of Monroe Sound Science globally.  She is also also a member of the Dolphin Energy Club, which combines the power of group dynamic meditation and provide a needed service as a member of Monroe's Dolphin Energy Club (DEC).  DEC was created to promote emotional-mental-physical comfort in times of need.

Author of several books devoted to teaching forgotten arts in energy healing, she continue to contribute to the overall wellness of our planet.  

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