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Posted 03/01/2022 in March

March 2022 - Member of the month

March 2022 - Member of the month

Angie D’Anjou, is known for conveying spiritual awareness to individuals seeking enrichment and guidance.

Angie was born with psychic abilities and spent years researching, understanding and developing her natural abilities. As a child, her visions were somewhat confusing, and not widely accepted by those around her, but she chose not to ignore them. Through her life, she found comfort in bringing solitude and guidance to those who needed to hear the message that she had to communicate to them.

Additionally, she is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Meditation Coach, and Past-Life Regression Hypnotist.  Angie is known for her Psychic Fairs and Loving Life Expos which were produced for over 16 years in the NH area.

In 2020 Angie opened “Awakening Moments Center, LLC which is located at 126 Rt 27, Raymond, NH 03077 which offers workshops, classes, sessions, parties, as well as a crystal and gift nook. 

She is a host of her own community television production “Awakening Moments with Angie D’Anjou”, and she has been a guest speaker on several Talk Radio Spots from coast to coast.

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