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Hypnotherapy Results - Mind and Body

Christine Ferguson

I am The Intuitive Manifestation Specialist by empowering Indicudals through Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Healing to Achieve Clarity and Abundance to Live the Life of

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

Elizabeth Lockhart

A near-death experience when I almost drowned at 5 years old inspired a spiritual openness within me that has persisted throughout my lifetime.  While I was a medical

Tucson, Arizona, 85739, United States

Laura K. Ellis D.A. Hyp

I am a multi-certified hypnotherapist, certified past life regression therapist and spiritual success coach. Working successfully with others since 2010.

Port Orange, Florida, United States

Rachel Elion Baird

Online sessions available globally. Access your higher-self, mind, intuition, and the body’s innate wisdom to create sustainable change. centerontheone.com/MIND

Bristol, Vermont, 05443, United States

The Knowledge Tree

Workshops on Mind/Body Health, Anxiety Disorders, and Emotional Health

Marietta, Georgia, 30067, United States

The TAO Center

We are a group of therapists who all have expertise in working with trauma, anxiety, OCD, grief, and mind/body health.

Marietta, Georgia, 30067, United States

Tina Worthey

As a Holistic Hypnotherapist, I help people overcome repetitive patterns (such as addictions) and heal from past trauma. I am also a QHHT Practitioner

Everett, Washington, 98201, United States

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