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Posted 06/20/2022 in Crystals by The Reiki Couple

"Achieve Harmony" Sage

The Reiki Couple
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What is smudging?

Smudging is the burning of sage. 

What can benefit from burning sage?

First of all, you. Sage is said to combat negative energies and the burning of it removes these energies from around you. The scent of burning sage may help anxiety, depression and other mood disorders and improve sleep patterns. So smudging removes negative energy, improves your mood, memory, focus and heres the cake topper, STRENGTHENS INTUITION. Saging is a ritualistic behaviour that is a sacred moment for you. Take the time to smudge your whole aura, you may rid yourself of past traumas! Sage before a moment of conflict, meditating, asking your guides or angels for help or after a moment of conflict, trauma or any negative situation for that matter.

Second, your home! If the house seems heavy with dense energy or you just had a bad day, maybe an argument occurred between family members in the home. SAGE, SAGE, SAGE.. and apologize :) because no one has time for all that negativity.

Third, the energy for a class, meditation or ritual. Sage drops the positive and negative ions to the ground, leaving the air empty for you to fill it up with “your will.” If you will it to be full of happiness, abundance and fun. Thats what will stay.

Fourth, your crystals, stones, runes.. Really anything physical. Follow your gut! You know everything around you holds energy, from the phone in your hand to the water flowing down the stream. If you look at something and get a “feeling” it needs to be smudged, SMUDGE IT. Smudge your alter, crystals, closet, under your bed.. Smudge that old clock in the corner or knick knacks in the china cabinet. Especially smudge second hand items, because you dont know what old energies are left on it from the previous owner, and with that said, yes, smudge your car.

How to properly burn sage?

You’ll need sage bundle, lighter or matches, bowl or seashellLook at the stick, find where the thread makes a knot and hold that end.

Light or burn the opposite end for a moment and blow out the fire 

Continue the previous step until you’ve achieved a thick smoke

Use the bowl or seashell to catch any burning embers from falling on you or the carpet!

How to smudge myself? 

Once lite, imagine your body… now trace the outline of your body with the smoke and visualize the area being filled with white light. You are purging all of the stagnate and negative energies from your aura. Release them with love.  Remember to get the soles of your feet, armpits and between the legs.

How to sage my house?

Once lite, start at the beginning of your home, right on the inside of the door, turn to the left (or the right) and continue in that direction until you’ve made it all the way back to the starting point. Covering the entire perimeter of your home. When you get the closet, open it, blow smoke into its corners, leave no corner unattended. While smudging, have fun! Sing your favorite upbeat song, play loud music that fills your heart with joy, speak/think positive affirmations, listen to a comedian and LAUGH! Whatever makes you feel fantastic, do it.

How to sage my belongings?

Once lite, blow the smoke directly on the object. Lift it up and get all sides. Remember to release negativity with love and light.

How to properly douse the burning sage?

Place it in a heat safe bowl or sea shell (attended) until flame sease. Dab the smoking end in sand, ashes or water. 

You can relight sage over and over and over again. Use every bit of your sage bundle.

Be sure to read all the directions if this is your first time using sage! It can be dangerous if the user isn’t practicing safely. Please use all the safety precautions and reach out if you have any questions about proper usage. We aren’t responsible for burns caused by negligent usage of sage with flowers so please be careful and safe!

Each sage bundle comes with a dried flower or petals attached.

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