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Posted 01/24/2023 in Healing by The Peace We Crave

Creating Calm in Recovery

The Peace We Crave
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A 90-day 1:1 spiritual journey for those in addiction recovery to help you find strength, courage, and hope to face everyday challenges with a new resilience. 

Life doesn’t stop happening with when we get sober.

I feel you and I see you because I am you. 

I understand the pain and struggle and the new freedom I have found in recovery. 

I often asked myself after I completed the 12-steps of the recovery program, “Now what?”.

Besides working the steps daily in my life, I found myself craving more. So, I took action and I started to explore. This is how The Peace We Crave was born. I relentlessly pursued my serenity on a daily basis.

I need peace and serenity in my life in order to keep this precious gift of sobriety and I know you do too! 

Are you ready to shine your light in this world? We need you and your experience; however, we have nothing to offer others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. 

Let me help you. Will you step out of your comfort zone for a moment? 

(I know you already have if you’ve scrolled down this far.)

Are you ready to find your freedom? Let’s talk and get you on the path to healing!

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