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Posted 12/27/2021 in Crystals by The Reiki Couple

EMF Shield and Ultimate Protection

The Reiki Couple
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Don’t let the negative energy of others bring you down!

The perfect combination for negative energy from others and EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation protection, yes including 5G

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate purifying stone. It creates an energy shield around you and absorbs harmful energy protecting your auric field. Black Tourmaline is one of the best crystal to use against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF). It is known as one of the top crystals for protection. It helps to put a strong  energy boundary between you and others so that you don't pick up unwanted negative energy .

Black Tourmaline is also one of the most powerful crystals for helping to relieve anxiety.If you feel yourself getting anxious or overwhelmed, hold a tourmaline in your hand. You will feel the bad vibes start to ebb away from your body.

It is also used to balance and harmonize the root chakras that are associated with the sensation of grounding and safety. It will also purify any place or area it is placed at. It is best to wear this Black Tourmaline bracelet on the left hand because this is where energies enter through our aura.

Hematite blocks EMF waves from being emitted near you. You can wear hematite or place it near electronics to help in the same way. Hematite harmonizes mind, body, and spirit as well as grounds scattered energy. It has an amazing ability to absorb any toxic emotions which might be holding you back from feeling joyous and content. By using hematite, you make way for more positive energy to enter into your life , keeping you well grounded.

It works harmoniously with and boosts the protective strength of the tourmaline.

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