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Posted 10/18/2022 in Healing by Ivory LaNoue

Stronger Together 6-Week Course to Help Women Heal From Toxic Relationships

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Stronger Together 6-Week Course

In this 6 week course, you will go through the process of identifying that your relationship is toxic all the way to learning how to heal your emotional wounds, feel better on your own and learn to relate in a healthy way in all your relationships. 

By the end of the course, you will experience renewed confidence, a sense of clarity, feel more free, happier, lighter and safe while relating with yourself and others. You will also have a trusted support group going forward.

Join and start attracting loving, fulfilling, harmonious relationships today! 

  • Discover common character traits of survivors.  
  • Learn what makes a relationship toxic and how to identify the different types of toxic people, early warning signs to heed.  
  • Understand how your childhood experiences model your belief system about the world including relationships
  • Know whether to stay or leave, and how to deal with an unwilling partner.  
  • Master healing practices you can apply to relieve feeling emotionally overwhelmed, heal trauma, stress and anxiety.    
  • Find out the six stages of recovery and identify where you are now.

Pay by the month or up-front and save.  Register now to get the special introductory price.

Choose between groups held on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon.  Groups limited to 8 women.


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