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Tamara Newson

Spiritual Wellbeing
Advisor at Unleashed Alchemy

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About Tamara Newson

I grew up in a religious cult. As a child, I knew something was wrong, but through control and fear, I learned never to question the dogmatic tenets and messages.I always say that my spiritual awakening began even when I was nailed down by dogmatic programming. I physically left the cult, but it would be another 20+ years before I was free. Physically leaving was not enough because my mental, emotional, and spiritual energy was thoroughly bound. Religious programming was deeply rooted in my subconscious and wreaking havoc in every aspect of my life.

Over those 20+ years, I found myself going through phases of anger, grief, healing, and reprogramming that revealed my Soul and the Higher Power and Life Source within me, which led to my true freedom. I understand that moving away from a set of systems and beliefs that have integrated your life for so long can be uncomfortable and scary. I understand that moving beyond those beliefs to expand into the unknown can mean going against the grain to be free.

Through my experience, Unleashed Alchemy was born. It is a Magic Portal where people can receive support as they embark on their Spiritual Odyssey. Choosing to make Spirituality the backbone of our lives brings revolutionary massive change internally and externally accompanied by transformative self-discovery and exploration. While this odyssey brings enlightenment, it can also bring sudden plot twists that seem to disrupt everything that you have been accustomed to. Through metaphysics and from the insights and spiritual wisdom I have gained from my experiences, I guide people through these plot twists by helping them move from:

~External Worth Validation TO Automatic Worth Because You Exist 

~Searching For External Guidance TO Complete Trust of Your Inner Wisdom-Intuition, including your Spiritual Gifts 

~ Looking To and Depending on an External Mediator/Guru TO SELF-Empowerment

~Believing There's One Way to Divinity TO Embracing Infinite Ways to Divinity

~Thinking You Have to Forsake All Else TO Integration Of Many Spiritual Practices that Are Aligned With Your Soul 

~Dogma and Programming Control TO *Ultimate Spiritual Ecstasy and Freedom*

 *I provide this support in several ways: through my Unleashed Alchemy Magic School, which contains transformative workshops that reprogram your mind, help you uncover your magic to increase your magnetism, cultivate and get reacquainted with your intuition, allow your true self to rise, be confident and fully optimal in your spiritual gifts, and unleash your magic to live your soul-fulfilled life. 

I also provide support through my 1:1 Spiritual Consulting services, where we work together  to uncover the difficulties in breaking your mind away from religious programming. We will observe those barriers, mainly fear and shame, and not just tear them down but watch them disintegrate so they cannot form again.We will uncover trauma bonds that show you why you stayed in the religion and why you felt you couldn't leave. This exploration will lead us to all your questions that your religion told you not to question; you will allow yourself to explore those questions and receive answers.

During this recognition, observation, and release, you allow for the YOU of You, the Higher Power that is You, to be revealed and expressed. You will begin to experience a level of automatic self-worth and empowerment that is not tied to anything or anyone outside of you. You will be reacquainted with your Inner Wisdom, that inner education also known as intuition, which will lead to you uncovering your Spiritual gifts. You'll also embrace the knowledge that there are infinite ways to divinity, which leads to the integration of what we find and your ultimate freedom.

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