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We help practitioners get discovered and grow their practice, while they focus on their gift of healing more people searching for the spiritual and holistic services they need.



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A spiritual network directory has been discussed for years in the spiritual community. The spiritual community needed a directory or search engine just dedicated to this field, to be reached by people in need of spiritual services in their area. 

Spiritual Classifieds receive thousands of visitors every month giving that exposure to our members to be visible, get contacted, and hired, benefiting both sides, clients, and spiritual and holistic businesses. 

Spiritual Classifieds offer lots of different options to find spiritual services instantly through different healing modalities categories and practices, combined with even more options and features to let you know as a client exactly what they offer, where they offer it, and the quality of what they do.

energy healer

Amanda Preacher - Reiki Master and Shamanic Counselor

Member of the month

Amanda Preacher has been working with universal energy since the early '80's. She is a Reiki Master and a Shamanic Counselor. I welcome anyone who wants to increase their connection with their higher self and who is seeking to obtain answers to issues they may be experiencing; whether it is body, mind, or spirit.

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Danielle Harding

I am an intuitive Tarot reader and an empathic Energy Healer. I have a Reiki table and... Located in Fort Myers, FL

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Alicia Melendez

You can find out more about me, the readings / services I offer and any upcoming workshops... Located in Puyallup, WA

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Psychic reading by phone tarot card reading Crystal reading candle reading psychic... Located in Tamarac, FL

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Ho everyone, my name is Natasha. I have been a medium my whole life and recently graduated... Located in Columbus, OH

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Runic Apothecary

Runic Apothecary birthed from two adults who experienced trauma and growth in their... Located in Green Bay, WI

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Cards. Dreams. Answers. Love. Empathetic readings and intuitive dream interpretation.... Located in Centreville, VA

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The Awakening Tulip LLC

Welcome,  The start of a new journey can be intimidating. Knowing where to go and... Located in Richmond, VA

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Amanda Preacher

Reiki Master /  Shamanic Counselor. I welcome anyone who wants to increase their... Located in Costa Mesa, CA

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Jo Garbellotto

homepage3  "I became a member of Spiritual Classifieds and I immediately started seeing more hits from different search engines, which generated more traffic to my...



John Marani

homepage5 "I chose spiritualclassifieds.org because it’s hard to find a spiritual practitioner without having someone recommend one to you. If you don’t know people who...



Ivory LaNoue

home6"I have been looking for a new referral source when I was approached by Spiritual Classifieds.  I was impressed with their site and what is offered in their varying...


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