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A spiritual network directory has been discussed for years in the spiritual community. The spiritual community needed a directory or search engine just dedicated to this field, to be reached by people in need of spiritual services in their area. 

Spiritual Classifieds receive thousands of visitors every month giving that exposure to our members to be visible, get contacted, and hired, benefiting both sides, clients, and spiritual and holistic businesses. 

Spiritual Classifieds offer lots of different options to find spiritual services instantly through different healing modalities categories and practices, combined with even more options and features to let you know as a client exactly what they offer, where they offer it, and the quality of what they do.



Jo Garbellotto

homepage3  "I became a member of Spiritual Classifieds and I immediately started seeing more hits from different search engines, which generated more traffic to my...



John Marani

homepage5 "I chose spiritualclassifieds.org because it’s hard to find a spiritual practitioner without having someone recommend one to you. If you don’t know people who...



Ivory LaNoue

home6"I have been looking for a new referral source when I was approached by Spiritual Classifieds.  I was impressed with their site and what is offered in their varying...


Meet Our New Members

Daniel Guirchovitch

Endorsements With  Old Stars, New Light , Daniel Guirchovitch has joined... Located in Staten Island, NY

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Karen Coutu

Karen offers reiki with a intuitive insight, Access Bars Practitioner and Meditation... Located in Edmonton, AB

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MeWe Fairs

Our Events Offer: Gemstones • Crystals • Wire-Wrapped Pendants • Crystal... Located in Seattle, WA

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Willow Caelan

I'm a certified and attuned Mikao Usui Reiki Master practitioner.  My passion... Located in MI

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Tianna Roser

I specialize in spiritual regression: past life regression, life between lives regression... Located in Austin, TX

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Skylar Sustin

In 2020, during COVID, I had to move back home from college. During this time, I went... Located in San Diego, CA

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Judy Wright

Bio for Judy H. Wright Judy is a noted author, life educator and international speaker.... Located in Missoula, MT

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Moon Over Pisces

Moon Over Pisces specializes in multidimensional energy healing.  Lisa's approach... Located in ON

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Lisa Leon

Psychic Tarot, Oracle Card and Numerology Readings  Step into a world where ancient... Located in Sedona, AZ

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Newest Products

Exclusive Black Friday/Cyber M...

155.99 - In Stock
The first step in finding inne...

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Emo...

33.00 - In Stock
An in-depth guide on understan...

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30 day Journaling Challenage

In Stock
Unlock your inner thoughts and...

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8 Types Of Confidence To Excel...

50.00 - In Stock
Did you know that there is mor...

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Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions...

44.00 - In Stock
Spiritual art for your lifesty...

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Intuitive Website and Corporat...

500.00 - In Stock
For the past 5 years I have be...

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Keys to Manifesting Intentions...

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Marvelous Menopause Coaching P...

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Ready to take charge of your emotional w...

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Recent Classifieds

Sound Healing

100.00 Sound Healing is a powerful therapy t...

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Introduction to Mindfulne...

199.00 ...

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Upcoming Events

Cosmic ⚡️ Mastermind Group

Next Start Date 01/11/2024
recurs every 2 weeks

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Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class...

Start Date: 12/17/2023

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Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium - Talk...

Next Start Date 12/04/2023
recurs every 4 weeks

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Tarot Readings & Astrology Chart Consult...

Next Start Date 12/03/2023
recurs every week

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Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Aus...

Start Date: 12/03/2023

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Members Latest Articles

Empaths Cry Your Tears

Empaths Cry Your Tears Rosemary DeTrolio, Reiki Master Teacher, NJ  Empaths were once highly sensitive children and it describes me. I wasn’t fragile or oversensitive,...

Why Women Should Celebrate Their Unique Identity

As women, we are often bombarded with messages telling us that we must look a certain way, act a certain way, or be a certain way. We are told that we need to fit into a mold created...

Posted 11/21/2022 by Dr. Jo L

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What is mindfulness, exactly?

Let’s start with what it’s not. Mindfulness isn’t religion, psychotherapy, or psychiatry.  It’s not even spirituality. However, for many people...

Posted 09/20/2022 by Ray Schaub

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Your Beliefs are Limiting You

We never really take the time to question our beliefs. Some of them are as old as we are or older. From the moment we are born, before we even utter our first words, we are inundated...

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