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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Classifieds?

Spiritual Classifieds is an online platform that connects individuals with qualified and experienced healers and spiritual practitioners. Our directory lists a wide range of healing modalities, including energy healing, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and more, to cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

How do I search for a healer or spiritual practitioner on Spiritual Classifieds?

Simply enter your location and the type of service you are looking for on our search engine, and we will provide you with a list of qualified and experienced practitioners in your area. You can also filter your search by specific modalities, availability, price range, and more.

How do I list my services on Spiritual Classifieds?

To list your services on Spiritual Classifieds, simply create an account and follow the step-by-step instructions to create your profile. You can include information about your qualifications, experience, services offered, availability, and more. Once your profile is complete, it will be listed in our directory and visible to individuals searching for services in your area.

Is Spiritual Classifieds only for individuals looking for healing services?

No, Spiritual Classifieds is open to anyone looking for spiritual guidance, support, or resources. We list a wide range of services, including spiritual counseling, meditation, workshops, and more.

How does Spiritual Classifieds ensure the quality of its listings?

We thoroughly vet all listings to ensure that they meet our criteria for inclusion, which includes qualifications, experience, and reputation. We also rely on user reviews and feedback to maintain the quality of our directory.

Is my personal information secure on Spiritual Classifieds?

Yes, we take the privacy and security of our users' information seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your personal information.

How can I contact Spiritual Classifieds if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact us through our website's contact form or email us directly at support@spiritualclassifieds.org. We are always happy to hear from our users and will do our best to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Is there a fee to receive and respond to my leads?

No fees. While other websites are adopting this practice, we see it differently. It does not make sense for us to charge our users for leads when they are already paying for their memberships. Our purpose is exactly to give you the tools and services we offer to get the results you want. We see leads as an effort you made with the tools we offer to you. You earned those results and we feel glad and proud we are contributing, giving you what you signed up for.

What are all the available features Spiritual Classifieds offer to members?

Spiritual Classifieds offer a plethora of options to promote your spiritual business promoting your own business or practice with a personalized profile, with your specialized services divided by categories, web links to your page(s), web links to your social media, albums with photo gallery, event posts with pictures with the option to show in the main home page. Allow people to schedule appointments and paid events by sending them to your business webpage. The ability to create and customize coupons for your clients to use for events, purchases, discounts, and much much more. To see and compare the different membership levels we offer click on the button below. 

Membership Levels

Can I post web links or promotions on the "Discussions" page?

Spiritual Classifieds offers the option to promote your website or links directly from your profile dashboard. The "Discussions" page and comments are moderated by Spiritual Classifieds admins and moderators constantly, promoting websites, sales, or another kind of promotion or contact with any business is not allowed. This ensures that each section of our website serves its purpose for everybody to have the best experience for all our members and clients. Please feel free to use the right options, membership, and tools assigned to promote your business.

How can I see my "Leads"? (Direct messages from customers)

Once a member logs into their account, on the dashboard left side menu, you will be able to see the new leads on the "Manage Leads" option.

Why can't I see the "Verified" badge on my profile?

Profiles with no pictures and additional details added, won't pass the verification process requirements for the administrators to approve your verification. Once you submit or add a picture to your profile fill up your about details and upload at least one or more certification images, on the certification field, one of our administrators will approve your verification and the "Verified" badge will show up for your clients to see in your verified profile. 

I signed in but I did not receive the activation email from Spiritual Classifieds to activate my account.

Please give it some minutes to receive your activation email and make sure to check your spam email folder to see if it is there.  If for some reason you did not receive the activation email, please contact us from the contact us form to activate the account for you. 

*Remember, activating your account does not mean you are "Verified" please add a picture and the required information to your profile to allow the administrators to verify your profile.

I published three events but only one is showing on the homepage main page. 

To allow all of our users to have the same equally fair privilege, we only show one event per user on the main home page (the most recent event post). But anybody who goes to the "Events" tab in the top page main menu will see all the active events. Please add a picture to your event to show up on our homepage. Events without a picture won't show up on our homepage, this is an automated process.

*Note: Your posted events will disappear from publishing once expire. 

Why is my profile not showing in the Spiritual Classifieds directory?

The member search results and page will only display members who AT LEAST have a:

  • Name or Company
  • Top-Level Category selected
  • Profile Photo or Logo
  • Address
*Note: Profiles without the required basic information including profile picture, will be removed after seven days starting from the day of its creation. 

My address won't show up when my clients find my business in the directory or visit my profile.

Please make sure to add the full address of your business in your profile information. Adding just the city and state will stop google maps to search and show your business location to your potential clients. 

I have more than one business and I would like to add both to my profile, is that allowed?

We recommend our members add one profile per business. Having two businesses or company names in the company field is allowed but it could be confusing for your potential customers and Spiritual Classifieds search engine. Both companies must be related to the spiritual community. Businesses with no correlation to spirituality are not allowed in Spiritual Classifieds. 

Receiving traffic or clients from Spiritual Classifieds.

To get the excellent results that our members are having, content and interaction are needed to show to visitors and convert them to clients. We give the options to interact and use depending on what membership level you are. Content and interaction are the keys to getting the results you want.  Interactions like writing articles, asking questions, starting a topic to interact with members and clients, filling your profile 100% with your business or practice information, post videos, events, offers, products, classifieds, inviting people to leave a review about your work, sessions, and more. We give the tools for our members to use and have success, members just need to use the tools we are offering to get the results that our memberships are offering. Give clients the content they are looking for, something to search for when they look for the services they need to hire yours.

Can I cancel my membership anytime? How?

Cancel your membership anytime is very easy and no questions are asked. To cancel your membership yourself, simply log in from your profile dashboard or contact us from any of our different options available, contact form, email, or call our toll-free number 1-888-407-6977. One of our representatives will be more than glad to help you with your cancelation process. 

I have an Alignable, Yelp or Linkedin account, why do I need Spiritual Classifieds?

Utilizing businesses networks and social media platforms can significantly enhance your business network. Platforms such as Alignable, Yelp, Linkedin, and others are tailored to foster relationships and connections with fellow business owners. In contrast, Spiritual Classifieds is dedicated to connecting you directly with clients who are seeking healing and spiritual services, rather than facilitating business-to-business transactions and relationships.