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Lisa Leon

Psychic Services
Psychic Reader at Black Feathers
Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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About Lisa Leon

Psychic Tarot, Oracle Card and Numerology Readings 

Step into a world where ancient wisdom meets intuitive insights. Through the power of tarot or oracle cards, I tap into the unseen energies that surround you, providing profound revelations and illuminating pathways to your destiny.

Allow the cards to unveil hidden truths, offering glimpses into the tapestry of your life. Whether you seek answers about love, career, or personal growth, a psychic card reading can provide the guidance you've been seeking. Experience the awe-inspiring moment when seemingly random cards come together to form a profound message tailored specifically to you.

Business Details

Year Established
Offering Services
Locally Remotely worldwide Worldwide Video Conference (Zoom)
Hours of Operation
Variable hours, will do best to accommodate your schedule.
Accepted Forms of Payments
Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Visa, MC
Advanced Angel Tarot and Oracle Card Certification
Treat conditions like
Lost Worry Overwhelm Unable to manifest Present


What kind of customers do you work the most?
My practice is open to individuals from all walks of life, and I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients. While I don't have specific limitations on the type of customers I serve, I find that a significant portion of my clientele consists of women navigating significant life transitions and seeking guidance in the realm of relationships. However, I welcome and appreciate the opportunity to assist anyone seeking clarity, insight, and support on their unique journey. Whether it's career decisions, personal growth, or relationship dynamics, my goal is to provide guidance that resonates with each individual's specific needs and challenges.
What questions should customers have before talking to professionals about their sessions, classes or services?
There are no right or wrong questions however it is best to refrain from asking a yes or no question or a specific date.
What should customers know about your pricing (example: offers, discounts, fees, etc)?
I've chosen a fee structure that reflects the value of the insights and guidance I provide rather than a per-minute charge. My readings are thorough and tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, and I want to ensure that clients receive the full benefit of the session without feeling rushed.

The duration of the reading can vary because I prioritize depth and quality over time constraints. Whether the session takes 30 minutes or extends to an hour, the fee remains the same. This approach allows for a more relaxed and comprehensive experience, ensuring that you receive the guidance and clarity you seek, regardless of how long it takes to uncover the insights you're looking for. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to let me know.
What is your typical process working with a new client?
I do not have a set process to follow as each individual is uniquely different, I connect with their energy and determine their needs and what it is they would like to accomplish from the session.
How did you get started doing this kind of spiritual work or modality?
My journey into psychic readings and healing began as a personal quest for understanding and connection. Through various life experiences, I found myself drawn to exploring the unseen energies that influence our lives. Intrigued by the power of intuition and spiritual insight, I delved into studying different metaphysical practices and honed my abilities over time.

As I deepened my understanding of energy, intuition, and the interconnectedness of all things, I felt a profound calling to share these insights with others. My path led me to formal training and mentorship, where I learned to harness and channel these abilities for healing and guidance. Every reading and healing session is a unique exchange, guided by a genuine desire to help others navigate their own paths with clarity and empowerment. Ultimately,

 it's been a transformative journey of self-discovery and a commitment to assisting others on their paths toward greater understanding and spiritual fulfillment.
What kind of advice or recommendation can you give to a customer looking to hire a provider in your spiritual field?
Ensure the provider specializes in the specific area you're interested in, whether it's tarot readings, energy healing, or mediumship. This ensures a more tailored and effective experience. Trust your intuition, first impression or thoughts of the provider. Consider the provider's availability and how flexible they are with scheduling appointments. Accessibility and responsiveness contribute to a positive client experience.
What kind of training do you have related to your work?
Lifelong experience as intuitive/psychic.  On going studies throughout my life time to include certification courses, working with Shaman's in Mexico and US and hands on experience healing and doing psychic readings since 2012.
How do you approach working with clients who may have different spiritual beliefs or practices than you do?
Ones beliefs are not relevant when connecting with spirit.
How do you maintain confidentiality and privacy in your work with clients?
I do not discuss my clients with others.  When doing a psychic reading, I connect with the clients energy and their guides bringing forth the messages client needs to receive.  After a reading I do not remember the messages from their guides as I connect on a higher level of being when doing the reading.
What kind of support do you provide to clients after their healing sessions?
I am always available afterwards for questions or concerns.  I do not charge for any follow up questions or support needed.

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