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"I became a member of Spiritual Classifieds and I immediately started seeing more hits from different search engines, which generated more traffic to my website. I am very grateful for all the effort Spiritual Classifieds has put into bringing us, spiritual workers, into one place where we can all get more exposure and make new connections amongst members."

-- Jo Garbellotto

Satsang Wellness

"I chose spiritualclassifieds.org because it’s hard to find a spiritual practitioner without having someone recommend one to you. If you don’t know people who regularly use the services I offer, it’s going to be hard for you to find out about me. I went with the year-long subscription because of the great price, and I can see how many people have come to me from the site to determine how useful it is for me.  This site is fantastic for allowing those who have used my services already to recommend me to others. I used to have a web site but it was not easy to keep it up. The organization of Spiritual Classifieds makes upkeep easy to edit the information in a short period of time without worrying about re-publishing a web site frequently when one small detail changes."

-- John Marani

Intuitive Advisor at Tarot Readings with John

"I have been looking for a new referral source when I was approached by Spiritual Classifieds.  I was impressed with their site and what is offered in their varying level of membership.  I chose the top level as it best meets my needs. It's helpful that I can list my services, products, events and even post articles on one site.  Potential clients will find this site to be a one-stop shop for spiritual services.  I look forward to a long, beneficial relationship."

-- Ivory LaNoue

Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium