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"Spiritual Classifieds is deeply rooted in quantum manifestation from the heart working and residing in 5D integration. It is with this profound connection that I extend this gift from my heart to you and our cherished members, as we journey together towards the New Earth."

                                                                                                                                            -- Ruben Gonzalez

Why Spiritual Classifieds?

 Joining Spiritual Classifieds is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and reach a wider audience. Our network provides a platform for spiritual practitioners, healers, and coaches to showcase their services and reach potential clients.


Spiritual Classifieds provide a space where people can not only connect with others but also have access to the necessary tools and resources to turn their spiritual practice into a business. Our platform is designed specifically for those who want to use their spirituality as a means of creating a sustainable livelihood.


One of the key advantages of Spiritual Classifieds is that it would allow people to monetize their spiritual practice without compromising their values. Many people who are interested in spirituality struggle to reconcile their desire to make a living with their desire to remain true to their spiritual beliefs. Spiritual Classifieds provide a space where people can earn a living doing what they love while remaining true to their spiritual values.

Benefits of being part of Spiritual Classifieds

No monthly or annual fees
Your specialty in five categories
Display your social media links
Receive direct messages from clients
Participate in community articles
Promote events
Customized profile wall cover
Your profile listed up to five locations
Personal post feeds
Upload your certifications
Post spiritual related hiring jobs
Reply to members reviews
Post deals, coupons and discounts
Participate in discussions
Receive clients reviews with photos
Share your website links
Sell spiritual products
Post classifieds
Stream spiritual related podcasts
Stream your Youtube channel videos
High quality SEO optimized profile
"Recommended" badge for your website
Verified badge
Lifetime free membership

Leads are also free

While other websites or directories similar to ours are adopting the practice of charging for leads (requests from clients), Spiritual Classifieds see it differently. We see leads as a result of our member's efforts with the tools and features we already offer. Our members earned those results, and we feel glad and proud we are contributing to that, giving to our members what they signed for. We give you all the tools, you make the leads happen.

Increase your online visibility

Trusted by thousands

Strong international network

Proven engagement opportunities

Instant SEO for your spiritual or holistic business

Improved search engine ranking                      

Listing with Spiritual Classifieds include

Direct inquiries from potential clients

No referral or commissions fee

More visitors to your website

Mini website-looking profile

And much more...

*Sitemap submission to search engines every seven days

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