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Melissa Lynn

Psychic Services
Oracle & Medium (MEDICAL-PET-PEOPLE)

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About Melissa Lynn

A little about who I am...

I come from at least 5 generations of Medium & Psychics, I am a proven 8C - Clairvoyant (able to see, hear, taste, feel, know, touch and smell with intuition/energy/senses), have the ability to communicate to spirit for Medical, People, Spirit Guides, Pet/Nature Communicator. I am also a Divine Oracle (past / present / future), Automatic Writer, Energy & Light Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Guide, who has been active in the Tampa Bay area, providing workshops, readings, spiritual coaching & healings since 2016. 

Mediumship Services:

Nature / Pet Communicator / Medium:

For Pets / Nature / Crops / and more!

I  can communicate with your animal/pet needing assistance
for healing, behavior issues, etc., 
and point you in the right direction what to do, 
or even give an energy healing session if needed.

I do NOT need to be in person with the animal or pet to do the reading.

If they have crossed the rainbow bridge to wait for and watch over us,
I can communicate any messages needed to pass on to you,
that may be waiting for you!

I ALSO can help you with your PLANTS/TREES and MORE as well!
Having a struggling plant, bush, or crop? 
Need to know what you can do?
Let me help!

Medical or Health Medium / Intuitive 

I can help assist you in the right direction to get you back on track! 
Being a Medical Intuitive/Medium, 
I can feel/see or even communicate with spirit,
to tap into 
finding a solution, whether its getting you to the right physician 
or stopping a food that's causing the problem etc.

Medium - Messages from loved ones:

Its NOT just for those who have crossed over to the other side,
I can also communicate with those in Hospice/Dementia/Coma states,
 or even those who just maybe nonverbal like autism or speech issues etc.  
I am here to help you communicate with your loved ones.

Medium - Messages from Angels, Guides & More!

If you are looking for spiritual guidance, future on your career or path,

maybe wanting to connect with the cosmos and guides,

I can help you with that as well.

Other areas of my divination include but not limited to:  

Automatic writing, Pendulums, Oracle Cards, Psychometry, Scrying, Energy Grounding and Healing, Medical Medium/Intuitive, Pet Communicator, Spirit Medium, Crystal & Stone divination. 

I am ALWAYS grateful when a client allows me to be a part of their spiritual and healing journey, as it is an honor and blessing to be able to support or guide those in their spiritual and healing needs.

Business Details

Year Established
Offering Services
Locally Remotely worldwide
Hours of Operation
Varied - Just contact me and we can set up a time
Accepted Forms of Payments
Psychic Clairvoyant Medium, Pet /Nature Communicator, Oracle
Treat conditions like
Low energy Abandonment Betrayal Forlom Lost Love unreceived Anxiety Despair Disgust Nervousness Worry Crying Discouragement Rejection Sadness Sorrow Anger Bitterness Guilt Hatred Resentment Blaming Dread Fear Horror Peeved Humiliation Jealously Longing Lust Overwhelm Effort unreceived Heartage Insecurity Overjoy Vulnerability Failure Helplessness Hopelessness Lack of control Low self esteem Confusion Defensiveness Grief Self abuse Stubbornness Depression Frustration Indecisiveness Panic Taken for granted Conflict Creative insecurity Terror Unsupported Wishy Washy Pride Shame Shock Unworthy Worthless Physical Emotional Poor abundance Unable to manifest Past Present Future Emotional unbalance Pain Drained Ungrounded Ashamed


What should customers know about your pricing (example: offers, discounts, fees, etc)?
$2.00 per minute - 20 min MINIMUM
20 min - $40 / 30 min - $60 / 60 min - $120
How do you approach working with clients who may have different spiritual beliefs or practices than you do?
I am an ALL FAITH Metaphysical Spiritual Communicator, Guide and Healer. There are NO boundaries when working with the divine, universe, our ancestors and spiritual guides.

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Oracle & Medium (MEDICAL-PET-PEOPLE)
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Oracle & Medium (MEDICAL-PET-PEOPLE) Company Logo by Melissa Lynn in  FL
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