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Ivory LaNoue Reviews

Submitted by Jenna DiGiuseppi on 08/17/2022

Ivory is my ‘Go To’ ????????

Overall Rating

I met Ivory at the beginning of my spiritual journey. She has become a constant in my growth personally and professionally.Validation with my own messages, guidance in life situations and mentoring when it came time to begin my own journey in the field of Intuitive Arts.I send my friends and clients her way because there is no one that I trust and admire more.

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I have been seeing Ivory for several years. She is kind, open-hearted and has a direct line to God. She is always on point and her timelines are very accurate. Even with a difficult topic, she relays insight with grace and non-judgement. Her accuracy is impeccable.  She truly wants to make the world a better place. She has empathy for all. Her voice is very calming and I always leave a session with renewed hope and love in my heart. I always recommend Ivory to friends or family looking for support in these difficult times. 

Submitted by Ashley on 08/16/2022

Excellent Medium,Psychic,Teacher and Healer

I have known Ivory for over 7 years and I can attest to her incredible abilities as a medium, psychic, angel communicator, teacher and healer. Ivory's mediumistic sessions are evidential, meaning she presents evidence that makes sense to you pertaining to your loved ones who have crossed over. She has an innate ability to read people, I strongly recommend a psychic session to answer all your specific life and career questions. Ivory is a knowledgable and compassionate teacher who clearly derives pleasure from watching others grow. If you read her biography then you know that Ivory has spent her adult life helping others traverse their spiritual and healing journeys. In my opinion, Ivory is a role model for other medium/psychics as she is highly ethical and skilled........ No wonder the angels find it so easy to communicate with her.

Submitted by Paula on 08/15/2022

Ivory is the Real Deal

I have been seeing psychics and mediums for over 50 years. I worked for many years designing Spiritual Retreats for individuals coming to Sedona, AZ. My function was to screen and recommend the right healer/practitioner for our clients. In addition, I am a channel and I work with Spirit, High Self and the Angelic realm. My point being, I know an authentic channel/medium when I work them.  Ivory is the real deal. I have gone to Ivory for several sessions and connected with my loved ones who have crossed over. Each time I received messages that were specific, accurate and life changing. I highly recommend scheduling time with Ivory to find the answers you seek. Not only is Ivory a gifted intuitive, she is a pleasure to spend time, offers valuable 3D advice, and has a great sense of humor.

Submitted by Susan Carollo, Carollo Consulting Llc on 08/13/2022