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Posted 11/24/2023 in Spiritual by Bright Wings, Inc.

Exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special Offer for Stillness Mastery

Bright Wings, Inc. Eugene, OR, USA
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The first step in finding inner peace and getting clear is stillness.  Master this, and you are in your power.  

This holiday season, we wanted to bring you something special -- something that will truly make a difference in your life, and for the world.  With that in mind, we gratefully offer you an exclusive, time-limited bundle that will take you right to the stillness "sweet spot" in your life.

INTRODUCING:  The Journey To Stillness and Self-Mastery                                      

Unlock the secrets to inner peace, self-awareness, and profound personal growth with our Black Friday/Cyber Monday exclusive offer.

For a limited time, we're bundling together an array of transformative resources designed to guide you on your journey to stillness and self-mastery.


-- Pre-order of "Tuning Into Stillness: The  Missing Element of Self-Mastery" eBook.  Dive deep into the art of stillness, and learn how it can transform your life,  (Regular Price: $14.99)

-- Exclusive Access to Webinar:  "Exploring the Depths of Stillness" -- Join Nancy in an interactive webinar discussing the key themes from the book "Tuning Into Stillness: The Missing Element of Self-Mastery" and practical applications. (Regular Price $47.00)

-- Early bird enrollment for The Stillness Challenge.  Secure your spot in this transformative multi-day challenge designed to deepen your practice of stillness,  (Regular Price $100.00)

-- Online Workshop:  "Embracing Self-Mastery and Inner Peace" in January 2024.  Early bird registration to participate in an extensive workshop focusing on self-mastery techniques and achieving inner peace.  (Regular Price $150.)

Total Bundle Value: $311.99 -- Your Price:  $155.99 (50% off!)


Exclusive Discount:  This one-time bundle offers a 50% discount, available only during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:  Gain access to a diverse range of resources, from reading to interactive learning and community engagement.

Limited Availability:  This offer expires on November 28th, 2023.  Don't miss your chance to embark on this transformative journey,

Take the first step towards a more peaceful, aware, and fulfilling life.  Embrace the power of stillness and self-mastery with this specially curated bundle.

Buy now and start your journey!  Slots are limited and we won't be making this offer again!


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