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Improve your life with the aid of spiritual mentoring, where I'll be using a variety of psychic methods and spiritual tools.

+ available at any location worldwide, by phone, online, written email, audio email (MP3) +
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Improve your life with the aid of spiritual mentoring, 
where I'll be using a variety of psychic methods and spiritual tools: 


  • answers to all of your questions
  • find out your life and soul purpose
  • dive into your past lives to understand the WHAT, the WHO, the WHY and the HOW of everything and everyone in your life
  • learn how to access past life insights yourself
  • check compatibility with someone
  • look into your upcoming future & find out how to change it or prepare for it
  • learn about and understand your soul's blueprint, i.e. the plans you, i.e. your soul made for this lifetime
  • heal possible traumas
  • heal any blocks
  • heal certain conditions like insomnia, nightmares, grief, etc. 
  • release any vows you took in past lives etc. 
  • work on a vision board & other manifestation tools that will actually work for you
  • learn about who you truly are and why you are here
  • learn how to connect with the Divine and your soul
  • receive angel messages
  • learn through understanding astrological transits
  • find out which crystals to use for certain situations/conditions
  • find out how you can reach your goals and dreams
  • grow on your path spiritually, by awakening and remembering more and more
  • get inspired, empowered and guided on your path
  • or anything else
  • + For you to live a life in bliss, with inner peace, love and light. +

++ Always 100% tailored to your exact and unique requirements & wishes. ++

Find out more and contact me via the weblink. 

With white light from here

Amaris aka TimeForTalking 

~ Get inspired ~ 

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