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Amaris aka TimeForTalking

Spiritual Coaching
+ worldwide +

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Love, Light and Peace - I am that, I am. & We can't change a storm hitting us, but we can prepare our sails accordingly, and it's always up to us, how we react to our circumstances.

About Amaris aka TimeForTalking

For many lifetimes before already and in this incarnation for decades now, helping people as a lightworker on their paths, with their questions and their challenges.

+ I am a Spiritual Mentor & Soul Coach, Psychic Reader, Astrologer, Lightworker, Messenger and Teacher using various tools like:

Claircognizance (= Psychic  Knowing), Card Readings, Angels, Evolutionary Astrology, Pendulum Dowsing & many more. 
+ All used to open up your Soul's Blueprint for you and to remind you of the Pre-Birth Plans you made for this lifetime. And showing you ways to improve your life by growing spiritually and Awaken more & more. 
+ By also looking into your Astrology Chart for any of your questions, 
but also and most importantly for your Life & Soul Purpose, Life Mission, Past Wounds, Future,
 general details about your Past Lives etc. you are one step closer to Awakening and Spiritual Growth. 

For really changing & improving your life, I can also offer our ongoing/longer-consultation VIP programs for Spiritual Mentoring/Soul Coaching with much more specific and more detailed insights about your Soul's Path, Past Lives & also Past Life Timeline, even members of your Soul Group, Traumas and how to apply all of that knowledge into your daily life & much more. 
+ But this is always tailored to your specific wishes & requirements.+

+ The reason why these ongoing/longer-consultation programs are offered is this:
Though I do work very fast, for those insights one needs to take it much, much slower and it also involves and requires unhurried conversations, which quite naturally & understandably requires much, much more time. 
+ But with these VIP programs, you'll be having me as your Spiritual Mentor virtually right by your side and this 24/7. Also teaching you, if you wish, how to apply various   methods yourself.
 + So you can see this Spiritual Mentoring as a 'jump-start' for you on your path. 
 Naturally no one single consultation can ever provide you with that. 

My specialities are:
+ Guiding you to Spiritual Growth + Soul Purpose + Soul's Blueprint 

+ Pre-Birth Plans + Life's Mission + Awakening + Helping you to Remember +

        - Through a combination of Psychic Readings with Cards, Angels,        
          Evolutionary Astrology and Claircognizance (= Psychic Knowing),
          answering your questions, helping you through challenging times  
          and empowering you to more inner peace and a (spiritual) life full of bliss.
        - So you can walk in tune with your Soul. 
         (As the more consciously & willingly you do that, the less life dramas 
         will have to occur. Something to remember.)

- Empowering, inspiring & teaching you, so you can live a more 
       Conscious, Spiritual & Happy Life by applying various methods & principles also          to your life, perhaps also learn about your Spirit Animals etc. 
       and in the process Awaken as well as Remembering more & more. 
       + That is Spiritual Growth desired by your very own Soul. +
Have something to decide, but not sure which road to take? 
        I can inform you what lies ahead of you on both of those roads, 
        so you can make an informed decision and prepare yourself accordingly, too. 
Compatibility checks with another person (e.g. partner, child, sibling, colleague etc.) to see where you match and where there will always be challenges & how to deal with them. 
 So have a Consultation with me for/about/with:
        + Spiritual Growth + Soul Purpose + Soul's Blueprint + Pre-Birth Plans + 
        + Awakening + Life Mission + Evolutionary Astrology + 
        + Card Readings + Angel Messages + Pendulum Dowsing + 
        + Claircognizance + Psychic Insights + Spiritual Living + 
Past Lives + Reincarnation        + Karmic Insights +
        + Insights on what happens on the Other Side & how this affects your current life         + Life Improvement + Decision Help + Parent Coaching with Child Astrology + 
        + (Love) Compatibility Checks + Love Astrology + Spiritual Awakening + 
        + Crystals + Numerology + Chakra Healing + Spirit Animals +
        + Answers to Questions about all areas of your life, like e.g. 
        Career & Work or Family & Home on your path + Spiritual Mentoring  
+ Soul                   Coaching + 
And you always have the option to first of all start with an 1 hr consultation 
and if interested afterwards choose the longer-consultation VIP programs 
 or continue to choose individual sessions -- it's always your choice. 

And as any consultation with me is a form of Spiritual Mentoring, 
 you will always receive Assistance, Guidance, Empowerment, 
 Inspiration, Help, Answers, Options for your Path, so you can live an improved life. 
 With this, I am also spreading love, light & peace and helping you to remember who you truly are & more,      comes quite naturally for me. 



with me, always using a combination of various tools, you always get 5+ services for 1.

You might be looking for: 

Spiritual Growth - Awakening - Soul Purpose - Life Mission - Decoding of Soul's Blueprint - accessing your Pre-Birth plans - Psychic Readings - Angel Readings - Card Readings - Astrology Readings - Love Compatibility Checks - Soul Purpose Readings - Past Life Insights - Intuitive Readings - Chakra Healing - Trauma Healing - Spirit Animals - Counselling - Coaching, etc. 

+ I can offer all of the above & more and even combine them. +

For your Spiritual Growth, specialties of my spiritual mentoring are:

- Through a combination of psychic readings with cards, angels, astrology and claircognizance, answering your questions, helping you through challenging times and empowering you to more inner peace and a life in bliss.

- Soul coachingreminding you of your soul's and life's purpose & blueprint, insights on karma, traumas, past lives, with the aid of evolutionary astrology. 

- Opening up and accessing your Soul's Blueprint and the Pre-Birth Plans you made for your life. 

- Past Life Insights: Dive into your past lives, WITHOUT the need of having a Past Life Regression, as this is not needed at all.  Find out all about your past lives: gaining knowledge about your past lives will empower you and help you in your current life - you will wonder why you never did this already years ago.

Past Lives give you all the answers to the HOW and WHY and WHO of everything and everyone in your current life.

+ Caring, comprehensive, confidential services and this worldwide. + 

Visit my virtual office now, so I can assist you soon as well, there are also quite a few gifts waiting for you.

- Ready to grow spiritually?

- Ready to Spiritually Awaken & Improve your Life in the process?

- Like to get answers to your questions concerning all areas of your life, like home, work, love, friends, finances, karma, past lives etc.?

- Always wondered what the exact reasons are for the challenges you face in life?

- Like to know what your life purpose is? And why you are here?

- Like to learn about your past lives, and how they still impact you now?

- Like to know about your past, present and future (lives)?

- Like to learn about your options with any decision you face?

Book a consultation with me now and see for yourself, you can benefit from our reduced online rates and for first time buyers.

On my website you will see full details on all of the above, as well as:

+ Child Astrology for Parent Coaching,

+ Evolutionary Astrological Consultations, about your past lives, present & future,

+ Holistic Talk Therapy / Coaching,

+ Seminars for Lenormand Card Readings & Pendulum Dowsing,

+ Psychic One-to-One Tuition,

+ Lenormand Card Decks (3 unique different decks),

+ Spiritual Literature 

+ Podcast / Blog / lots of Free Information / Gifts 

& more. 

++ All provided worldwide. ++

Business Details

Year Established
Offering Services
Remotely worldwide
Hours of Operation
by appointment 365 days / year - including on weekends and bank holidays, without any additional charges during those times & emails are read and responded to daily as well
Accepted Forms of Payments
via GoCardLess (=instant bank pay) & PayPal
+ Having worked in these fields for many lifetimes before +

But in this incarnation:
+ Psychology University degree from Reading University
+ Claircognizance (= Psychic Knowing)

+ Spiritual Mentor using a variety of holistic modalities & psychic tools, thus also:
+ Lightworker
+ Psychic Reader
+ Card Reader
+ Angel Reader
+ Spiritual Advisor
+ Soul Consultant,
+ evolutionary Astrologer
+ Past Life Consultant
+ Messenger
+ Healer
+ Holistic Talk Therapist
+ Life Coach/Counsellor
+ Psychologist (holistic/integrative counselling)
+ Teacher
+ Author

+ After studying psychology at University several years of working as a psychologist followed,
providing classical psychological counselling and talk therapy.
+ Through synchronicities in my own life did I come to angel literature, which lead me to undergo a spiritual and holistic study which subsequently truly showed me my spiritual life path as a light worker again.
+ Thus all the spiritual fields of knowledge formed a new foundation. Classical psychological counselling for example opened up the door to spiritual counselling/talk therapy/mentoring, which always proves to show much more complex insights.
+ And with the additional gained knowledge of evolutionary astrology, the circle of life's knowledge really closes, giving my clients the broadest soul connection possible; covering not only souls' purposes and states in the current, past and future incarnations, but much more.

+ That's when the focus on soul's purpose and life's purpose through spiritual mentoring become somewhat a specialty.
+ As well as past life insights without the need for any regression nor hypnosis, as this is not needed at all.

+ My personal spiritual and holistic studies brought me also back to more psychic (card) readings, angels, chakra & crystal work, astrology, reincarnation & past life insights,
past life & karmic astrology, numerology, water crystals and pendulum dowsing.
+ Then further studying on: the Moses Code, Universal Laws, communication with the Divine, energy work, meditation, NDEs (Near Death Experiences) followed.

++ My clients not only value my spiritual insights/answers/guidance/inspiration,
but also really appreciate my always included specific (spiritual) tips and hints for their daily lives as well. ++
++ I am working with a clear connection to the Divine through claircognizance, angel contact and other psychic skills. ++
++ So with me you always get a rather complex and spiritually broadened helping hand, for you on your path. ++

Ready to grow spiritually?
Ready to Spiritually Awaken & Improve your Life in the process?

I am able to assist you with this through honest but caring, insightful, empathetic,
helpful and solution-oriented, competent Spiritual Mentoring with Psychic Readings and Soul Coaching.

+ Let me open up your Soul's Blueprint & the Pre-Birth Plans you made for your life. +
So you can consciously walk in tune with your Soul and experience an Improved Life with more Happiness, Spiritual Connections and total Peace of Mind.

Provided to you in a rather friendly, honest but caring, compassionate way, inspired from above.

Let me help, empower, inspire & assist you on your Spiritual Path.
Help you remember who you are, what your plans were for this incarnation & much more.

+ Improve your life through Spiritual Growth and learning all about your Soul's Purpose & Life's Mission +

With various Psychic Tools I use, I can provide you with
a Helping Hand and a Solution to any dilemma or challenge
or answers to your questions on your Spiritual Path but also Life Path.

You are only a step away from my available: Help, Answers and Insights,
Messages from the Universe through Angels and my Claircognizance,
and your very own Soul and much more.

++ So find out who you are and how to improve your life ++

As by fully understanding & being aware of your past, present and future
-- you'll be able to enjoy and live a much more happy & even blissful life in the 'now'.
And with that you'll be even affecting your past, present & future (lives).
Something to remember as well!]

+++ And with me always using a combination of various Psychic & Holistic Tools,
you always get 5+ services for 1 +++
Treat conditions like
Low energy Betrayal Love unreceived Anxiety Despair Worry Discouragement Sadness Sorrow Guilt Resentment Blaming Dread Fear Overwhelm Insecurity Hopelessness Lack of control Low self esteem Confusion Grief Depression Frustration Indecisiveness Shock Unworthy Emotional Unable to manifest Past Present Future Emotional unbalance Pain Drained Ungrounded
Honors & Awards
Psychology University degree from Reading (UK) University


What kind of customers do you work the most?
+ Customers who have questions about their lives and are open to spiritual insights/answers.
+ Customers who are open to changing their lives for the better,
who are open to learn about their soul's blueprint, to subsequently walk in tune with their soul('s plans).
+ Customers who wish to decode their past, present & future and past, present & future lives.
What questions should customers have before talking to professionals about their sessions, classes or services?
Whatever they like to ask, but always being open to the answers of the Divine
and to understand that they are always only living t h e i r very 'own' chosen paths.
What should customers know about your pricing (example: offers, discounts, fees, etc)?
+ We operate a transparent & fair fee structure. With us you are not just a number we arrange payments with. With us you always get a personal touch. All fees & their descriptions / reductions etc. can always be viewed on https://shop.timefortalking.com .
+ Offering a loyalty bonus program as well as a referral program, on: https://timefortalking.com/internet-promotion-spirituality.htm

++ Furthermore first-time clients only pay a reduced consultation fee, to 'test out' the connection. ++
++ And with most of our services you will even receive a 5+ for 1 service ++
What is your typical process working with a new client?
- Clients browse the website: https://www.timefortalking.com,
- get in touch if they like to chat about any queries,
- make their choice of booking on: https://shop.timefortalking.com,
- they pay & make their choice regarding appointment etc.,
- appointment time is confirmed,
- pre-consultation guidance is received,
- consultation takes place either by phone, Skype, or fully encrypted via Vsee, or via audio (MP3) email.
+ But even after the consultation clients are not left alone, as we still check-in with them. +
How did you get started doing this kind of spiritual work or modality?
+ Back in early childhood I started together with my family,
to discover the world of cartomacy (card reading), pendulum dowsing and astrology.
+ I also experienced my first angel contact as a very young child already.
+ After University, through synchronicities in my own life, did I come to angel literature, which lead me to undergo a spiritual and holistic study which subsequently truly showed me my spiritual life path as a lightworker again.
What kind of advice or recommendation can you give to a customer looking to hire a provider in your spiritual field?
+ Reading thoroughly through their website details for example is always a very good start.
+ Also contacting them by email for any possible preliminary queries, to see what kind of response one receives (& if at all !) and how quickly is a wise idea.
+ But most importantly find out whether the advisor is actually walking the talk as well -- rather important;
as otherwise you'll choose a consultant who isn't really interested in helping & assisting you!

+ Going for a one-off session initially to see how it plays out in the session, is a good idea as well.
++ With me for example first time buyers benefit from reduced rates, to get to know our extreme high quality, we offer reduced rates for first time buyers, to 'test out' a consultation with me. ++
What kind of training do you have related to your work?
+ Many past lives working in these fields already.
+ In this incarnation: University study, work experience & much more. Please see 'credentials'.
How do you approach working with clients who may have different spiritual beliefs or practices than you do?
+ All of my work is done with a rather broadened horizon and an open mind.
+ All services are always caring, empathetic, friendly, empowering, solution-oriented, non-judging and helpful - thus catering for any individual.
How do you maintain confidentiality and privacy in your work with clients?
+ Please be assured that all matters discussed in any form,
in our services on offer, are dealt with in strict confidentiality.
+ That's why we also always highly recommend to use the fully encrypted Vsee*^ only.

+ Vsee*^ offers a 100% end-to-end encrypted online calling service on a tele-medicine platform which medical doctors use worldwide .
+ Unlike Skype or Zoom, Vsee*^ does NOT record NOR store any communications! +
+ Also Vsee*^ uses only 50% of the bandwidth of Skype
& much less than Zoom at the same video and call quality.
+ Also unlike Skype or Zoom, Vsee does NOT require any installation!.
++ So we can truly offer you really confidential and private consultations. ++

Please bear in mind that when s.o. offers consultations via Zoom with no alternative, confidentiality is not taken seriously!

*^ Explaining the Skype & Zoom alternative: Vsee
Your confidentiality is of an utmost importance to us.

+ That is why for our online readings/consultations we also offer a highly recommended alternative to using Skype and do not offer Zoom.

+ Vsee offers a 100% end-to-end encrypted online calling service on a tele-medicine platform which medical doctors use worldwide to see and talk to and treat their patients.(& this automatically without having to alter any settings like in Zoom, and which is not available in Skype).

+ Unlike Skype or Zoom, Vsee does NOT record NOR store your communications!

+ Also Vsee uses only 50% of the bandwidth of Skype & much less than Zoom at the same video and call quality.

+ Also unlike Skype or Zoom, Vsee does NOT require any installation,
as it's a no-install calling client and it's also a rather lightweight client. Simply run the Vsee.exe.

++ Thus only advantages for you & your confidentiality for your appointments.
What kind of support do you provide to clients after their healing sessions?
We offer an excellent & unique pre- and after- sales' support
= many consultants or premium rate psychics' hotlines will easily take your money, but in a non-spiritual way, only care about this and after a rather short reading,
will leave you with your 'situation' alone, so to speak. With us this is different:
- even before your reading, our personal attention to your booking is already caring and inspiring.
- Then the consultation is an uplifting and empowering experience on its own.
- But even after your reading, TFT will contact you again about your reading.
- If you are interested you can also get updated with our monthly news,
that include free inspiration, lots of free information, as well as exclusive offers & more.
- But even your birthday & annual festive dates won't be forgotten either,
as we are always remembering to keep in touch in a very caring and spiritual way with you.

Contact Information

Company Name
Amaris aka TimeForTalking
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    + only offering remote/virtual consultations & this worldwide +
    + worldwide +
    United Kingdom
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