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Posted 06/30/2022 in July

July 2022 - Member of the month

July 2022 - Member of the month

I offer energy healing sessions which are often a combination of Reiki, intuitive energy healing, and crystal healing along with crystal bowl playing. Energy healing  works on the subtle body, the aura, and energy centers, the chakras, within and around the body. The energy healer brings energy through their hands (or crystals) into the recipients energy field and energy centers for the purpose of re-balancing to assist in achieving a state of energetic wholeness. The body then uses this energy for its own self healing. It is a holistic practice which affects mind, body, emotions, and spirit toward healing. Types of sessions I offer: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Reiki for animals, Emotional heart healing sessions, Crystal energy session with crystal singing bowls, Infrared Amethyst Mat, Spot specific sessions, and distant sessions.

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