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Posted 02/10/2024 by The Reiki Couple

99.99% Copper Bracelet With (18X) 3800 Gauss Magnets

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Introducing our remarkable 99.99% Copper Bracelet with 18x Neodymium Magnets boasting 3800 Gauss Strength, meticulously designed to elevate your holistic well-being to unprecedented levels! As devoted Reiki practitioners, we deeply appreciate the significance of energy balance in fostering harmony and vitality. This captivating bracelet seamlessly blends the potent properties of pure copper, celebrated for its remarkable anti-inflammatory attributes, with strategically positioned magnets emitting a staggering 3800 Gauss.

Indulge in the therapeutic advantages of enhanced blood circulation, alleviated discomfort from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, improved sleep, lymphatic drainage, overall well-being, and heightened balance and energy, all while exuding an aura of sophistication around your wrist. Delicately engraved with intricate details, this bracelet serves as a beacon of wellness and positivity, empowering you on your journey to a more balanced and vibrant life.

*Adjustable size up to 9"

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