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Posted 08/27/2023 in Energy by Bill Sanda

Healing through your Akashic Records

Welcome to the magical realm of the Akashic Records, a space of love, joy, and compassion! Empower your future growth through your Akashic Records, a vibrational record of every soul’s journey! In this video, Bill is interviewed by Loren Duffy of the Global Healing Hub.  

We explore such questions as What are the Akashic records?
How do you tap into them?

What can you expect from an Akashic Record healing session?

Are the healing and clearing results long-lasting?
What is channeling? 

What is light language? And how did light language come to be? Is it considered toning? Is it a type of sound healing or sound therapy?

How do you distinguish between the energy of knowing versus the energy of thinking?


Do enjoy the healing and clearing energies of the Akashic Records!

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