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Revelation: The Mystery of Faith

Revelation: The Mystery of Faith

Revelation: The Mystery of Faith

May 25, 2023

In the Bible, Revelation 13:11, the dragon bestowed his power and false beliefs onto the beast.

Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to walk a spiritual journey, seeking truth and clarity as we traverse the land to align with our individual beliefs.

The etymology of the word spirit pertains to God. Spirit is life and inspiration.

In numerology, the sum of the letters in the word beast is fifteen. The addition of the numbers persists until a single digit is recognized, in this instance, a six.

The number one is linked to leadership and independence. As polarity exists in all things, the number one also corresponds to fear.

The number five can analogize to a crossroads. A choice.

The beast, a fifteen, is our subconscious.

The sword wounds the beast. The sword is honesty and truth.

When we overcome, a balanced emotional and intuitive state, the number six, is God’s reward.

In Revelation 13:18, it is inscribed, “His number is 666.”

Long ago “his” was not gender specific.

The total sum of 666 equals 18 which is realized as a 9. The biblical meaning of nine is divine order. Justice.

The alignment of mind, body, and soul will yield order.


A “holy” self.

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