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Empaths Cry Your Tears

Empaths Cry Your Tears

Empaths Cry Your Tears

Rosemary DeTrolio, Reiki Master Teacher, NJ

 Empaths were once highly sensitive children and it describes me. I wasn’t fragile or oversensitive, but was a kid who could intuit how you were feeling before you said a word. difficult to be highly sensitive in this insensitive world, but it can become a superpower.

When I was a kid, my body would react if an argument happened in a room before I arrived. Anger felt like prickly needles, and sadness would hit my stomach. You can see where empathic people can get confused about whose emotions they are experiencing.

Thankfully, I discerned early, this wasn’t my sadness or anger, but the residue of emotions from people who were there before me.  Mom must have known this about me. She’d say, “You walk a mile in other people’s shoes but feel the pebble in your own.” This is a perfect description of an empath.

 This is why empathic people (and children) need to learn sills to set boundaries. They must learn it’s not their jobs to fix the mood of other people, just because they can feel someone’s mood. But we try anyway. We often become people pleasers, healers, therapists and teachers hoping to mend the hurt.

 An immersion in everyone’s junk can overload and damage delicate nervous systems of sensitive people. Without learning proper shielding techniques, empaths can manifest strange symptoms, such as brain drain, mood change,  anxiety, and illness resulting from a depleted and fried system. 

Some empaths are so distraught, they chose to disappear, numbing the emotions with substances to cover the angst. Some empaths avoid crowds completely or call themselves introverts or become introverts by choice.

To set boundaries, empaths need to do the opposite of what their inclinations tell them.  Empaths don’t want to cause distress or rock the boat, but need to express their own emotions and pain. I know this described me. I wanted everyone to be happy, even if this meant my emotions were ignored or were unexpressed. It took me years or retraining to speak up and retrain myself to be assertive and to value my own emotions and opinions.

To the untrained eye, some empaths appear to be hypochondriacs.  We’re not. Are you a parent of a sensitive child who gets stomachaches every time there’s is a fight at home or at school? It’s maddening for a parent of a sensitive kid, but you may have an empathic child who doesn’t know he or she is a superhero waiting to earn a cape.

 An empathic child attempts to process and clear arguments or disturbances from the family group. It’s part of their spiritual mission, although they are unaware. The aura is sensitive and refined and magnetically draws in unstable energies to fix or process.  One psychic described my energy field as a Maserati in a world of Mac trucks!

 Some empaths become raging and angry kids, trying to diffuse the bomb of the families’ hidden emotions by expressing them. These whirlwinds of energy can explode like a volcano.  You can’t ignore them. They bring family imbalances to light. 

You may have heard of Indigo kids, or crystal kids. These are empaths, too.

Want to learn more or how to manage this? Contact me and ask for a transformational talk session. Enjoy this video I made with some of my respected referral partners.

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