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Tianna Roser

Mind and Body
Certified Clinical Hypnotist & Reiki Master Teacher at Awakening Transformation
Austin, Texas, 78748

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About Tianna Roser

I specialize in spiritual regression: past life regression, life between lives regression and quantum healing hypnosis technique. All of these techniques help people to connect with their soul and get their own higher guidance from within. Although I’m very metaphysical, I’m also down to earth and relatable. I’ve always been someone people open up to easily – whether it’s the taxi driver or the person sitting next to me on the plane. People trust me because I have a lot of spiritual experience but I’m not an “airy fairy” nor am I trying to impress them. I just sincerely want to help and people can feel it.

Business Details

Accepted Forms of Payments
Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cash
Treat conditions like
Low energy Abandonment Betrayal Anxiety Nervousness Worry Crying Discouragement Rejection Sadness Fear Overwhelm Insecurity Vulnerability Failure Helplessness Hopelessness Lack of control Low self esteem Frustration Indecisiveness Taken for granted Creative insecurity Pride Shame Unworthy Worthless Emotional Poor abundance Unable to manifest Past Present Future Emotional unbalance Drained
Honors & Awards
Recognized as one of the Top 3 Hypnotherapy on https://threebestrated.com/hypnotherapy-in-austin-tx
Contributor to the book, “Wisdom of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives from the Michael Newton Institute.”
Author of “Awakening Transformation: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming Your Higher Self.”
Monthly contributor to Astrologic Magazine


What kind of customers do you work the most?
People on a spiritual awakening journey who want to heal, grow and accelerate their spiritual growth.
How did you get started doing this kind of spiritual work or modality?
One of the first spiritual books I read was “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist who guided people into the Spirit realm. I thought, “Wow. Michael Newton has the coolest job.” But it never occurred to me that I could do that myself. Some years later, after quitting my corporate job and moving across the country a few times to find myself, I was managing a yoga center. One of the students came in, gushing over a great book she just read, “Journey of Souls.” I decided it was time to reread it. As I read it this time, all the bells went off in my head with the message: You are meant to do this work.

So, I contacted the Michael Newton Institute right away and went about getting certified as a hypnotherapist. Now I get to have the cool job. I’m thankful every day for doing work that I believe in while helping others. With clinical hypnosis, I support people in shifting their mindset, releasing old patterns and finding peace and fulfillment within. Using spiritual regression, I guide people to connect with their higher self, meet their Spirit Guides and get answers to their most important questions. Teaching Reiki, I share a tool that empowers people to heal themselves and others.
What kind of training do you have related to your work?
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification at HCH Institute, a California state-approved school for Hypnotherapy
Life Between Life Regression Therapist ( Michael Newton Institute of Spiritual Regression)
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (through Dolores Cannon)
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (The Association for Integrative Psychology)
Certified Soul Plan™ Practitioner (Holistic Healing College)
Certified in Soul Transformation Therapy™ (Holistic Healing College)
Catalyst Coach (Success Center)
Master Metaphysician coursework (Delphi University)
Gateway Dreaming Coach (through Denise Linn)
B.A. in Business Administration at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
How do you approach working with clients who may have different spiritual beliefs or practices than you do?
I always work within the spiritual belief system of my client (unless it is self harming.)
How do you maintain confidentiality and privacy in your work with clients?
All shared information is strictly confidential and never shared to others.
What kind of support do you provide to clients after their healing sessions?
I'm available by email to answer any questions that arise afterward.

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Awakening Transformation
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Awakening Transformation Company Logo by Tianna Roser in Austin TX
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    8700 Menchaca Rd Ste 206
    Austin, Texas, 78748
    United States
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    $100/month for 6 months or $495 paid in full
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    Cosmic ⚡️ Mastermind Group
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