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Your Beliefs are Limiting You

Your Beliefs are Limiting You

We never really take the time to question our beliefs. Some of them are as old as we are or older. From the moment we are born, before we even utter our first words, we are inundated with belief systems that generally belong to other people- our parents, families, friends, religion, society, culture or more. 

Are beliefs bad? Not necessarily but they can be. 

If your belief systems required energy, time and commitment from you, you may want to read this blog and ponder on the thoughts I am about to present to you. 

It's different but it may just be the thing you've been looking for and if so? I am happy to just receive a comment or feedback on your impressions. 

Ok...into the matrix we go.....

Beliefs are basically thoughts that have been practiced over and over again. They don't just magically appear. If you grew up hearing your parents say, "Money doesn't go on trees" you will develop a belief about that and take it with you for the rest of your life. 

As we get older, it is time to let go of beliefs and live freely. If we do this....we essentially take a step to breaking out of the matrixed world we live in. 

Oh yes! The matrix is very much real! It just doesn't look like an Alien planet like in the movies the Matrix! 

The matrix is basically this planet and the manipulation of its natural laws by other beings. The story of these beings and who they are is a whole other blog but let's not digress. The idea is very simple- it is helpful to the beings if you fall in line and follow their agendas. It is highly disruptive to the beings if you decide to leave the matrix , learn how this Universe operates and live freely for yourself. 

When you choose to let go of beliefs or at least spend less energy and time with them,  you will begin to live freely. Think about it for a minute- how much energy did you spend today or this week defending your beliefs?

Some examples of how we spend our energy and time committed to upholding beliefs:

- I am a great mom 

- I am a firm Republican 

- Jesus Christ is my Savior 

- Gay Marriage is right 

- She is wrong and I am right 

- My partner is a narcissist 

Sounds familiar? 

Whenever we have a strong belief, we develop strong energy about it and we have to defend that belief at all costs. 

- We need to SHOW how great a mom we are 

- We have to DEFEND our position as a republican 

- We have to CANVAS to save others souls through Jesus 

- We have to FIGHT ignorant people on social media about gay rights 

- We have to PROVE our rightness and their wrongness 

- We have to CONVINCE everyone of our partner's narcissism 

As you are reading this, you are probably thinking....gosh this is exhausting and? BINGO that is exactly what it is. 

When you have a belief, you automatically have to defend it because the way the Universe is set up is vibrationally....so the more you think of something, the more you will receive the energy of that thing. 

Wouldn't you rather save your time and energy to focus on sipping a fruity cocktail on a beach? Or establishing a healthy relationship with someone? Or practicing self care?

Well I would and I did and that's why I try to live my life with as little beliefs as I can. Of course I still have beliefs and if they are negative, I try to limit my time focusing on them. It can be done but it takes work. One thing that has helped me tremendously is learning and practicing Access Bars and if you are interested in learning that, hit me up! Otherwise here are three steps where you can begin with your mindset reset:

1) Work with a Coach (ahem) to reset your mindset. It takes time and effort and having an accountability partner call you out on your sh** is most helpful and quick! Invest in a coach and you will not be sorry! 

2) Become mindful on a daily basis of how and what you think of. If you catch yourself going negative or using a lot of energy on a topic, reset and let it go. 

3) Journal about your beliefs and list them in order of easy to let go of and hard to let go of. Work on the easy ones first and work your way up to the harder ones. 

Once I let go of most of my limiting beliefs, life became sweeter and easier. It is my wish that you get to live the sweetness of this life too. xo Uma 

About the Author:

Uma Alexandra Beepat is the CEO of the Lotus and the Light Metaphysical Center. Uma is a Soul Alignment Coach, Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium. Uma wrote the book The Awakened Life that is available on Amazon. 

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