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My three survival tools are flexibility, Optimism, and Resilience.  I’m not hiding or ignoring social injustice, violence, or pain I see and hear in the news,  but I chose where I place my energy. I decide how what I will do and if there is any positive action I can take to change the mindset for me or for clients. We all hear the news, and it's hard to avoid. Be informed, but be wary of news overload. 

If I cry and stress over all the bad things in the world, I’d be powerless to uplift anyone. I’d be paralyzed by fear of things which aren't in my control. Resilience is the ability to weather the storms life throws at us. Flexible people can adjust and change course without getting lost in the tornado of emotions. 

My decision is to spread  peace, joy, and hopefulness. We can  decide how to respond to whatever news or situation comes our way. Be informed, but decide how you will react, which is in your power. We, as healers, have a mission as light workers. Mine is to be a peaceful loving force, to guide, to help, and to accept people as they are.  

Optimism is a daily choice. I’m committed to smiling, laughter, and having an open-heart. It’s one of my best survival tools for maintaining a positive outlook.  #angels #love #angels #optimism #Reiki

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