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Intuition, your wise friend

Intuition, your wise friend

I teach people how to rediscover this forgotten wise ally. It's a natural ability. Then,  why can't more people use it? How can you trust it? Why is our mind led astray?

 Your ego-mind is like a badly behaved puppy. It wanders from you, pees on your shoe, and pulls at your pant legs. While it's nipping at your heels,  the wise voice of your intuition is muted. Have you ever tried to mediate, only to be bothered by mental chatter? That's the puppy. 

Your inner puppy craves and demands your attention NOW. 

How do you give your puppy a rest? Throw a dog bone to your barking ego. The dog bone is detached using observation.

Give yourself permission to notice and observe your thoughts as a detached observer. See your thoughts move across your mind as if they were clouds drifting by.

Observe your thoughts. You don't need to entertain them.

 Instead, say to yourself,  "That's an interesting thought. I can revisit it later if it has value to me." This keeps your attention from wandering around chasing the puppy.

Need more? My workshop: Develop Your Intuition is coming up in-person in  NJ this April 19, 2022. I do post this class on Zoom, but on a different day and time.

Let me know if you are interested in signing up and learning how to tame your puppy. I'll bring a big supply of dog bones.

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