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Posted 12/30/2021 in Free Topic

How Spiritual Classifieds can help to market my spiritual business?

How Spiritual Classifieds can help to market my spiritual business?

I was in a recent meeting with some friends talking about investing in marketing, during our talk, somebody asked me, how Spiritual Classifieds can help to market my business? That was a very good question and I thought, just like him knowing only the physical part of marketing, there must be a lot of people not understanding or having a different picture or perspective in their mind about what online marketing is and the way it operates. It was interesting because he was in need of marketing and he was thinking about to make a decision to spend hundreds of dollars in physical marketing while he has the tools already, but unable to use it correctly to reach the same goal or better due to a lack of that information. When he asked that question, he was thinking already in some newspapers advertisements, business cards, signs, flyers, but I will add some more like key chains, pens, tv and radio ads, that is a lot of money, that managed in the wrong way of marketing, it could be converted in an investment or an expense. Yes marketing can be an expense if it is not used correctly and could cause you to spend lots of money without success.

Both marketing ways, online and physical have something in common that is called “Content”.  Marketing without content is an expense and while marketing with content becomes an investment. Both kinds of marketing needs data or content to be able to show to people, content to be visible to potential clients. Without content, people won't be able to see your business, and an invisible business is a dead business. To have that visibility for your potential clients see you, you need to tell them what your business is about, your business name, what are the services or product you are offering and the only way to do that is give that content or information to reach the people that is interested in your business.

To answer the question my friend asked in the first place, let’s talk about how online marketing works to be able to see how Spiritual Classifieds can offer him a way of marketing his business cheaper than he was expecting to pay and with even get better results. First, Spiritual Classifieds makes all that is needed to market your spiritual business even before you decided to join. Spiritual Classifieds does what is calling internet SEO which is nothing but to use the search engine systems to reach the first places with the right keywords and “CONTENT” to be visible, which means if we show up in the first places in those search engines, your spiritual business will show too, this is fact.  To make it more clear, if you are a spiritual practitioner offering reiki sessions and somebody visit Spiritual Classifieds to search for that service in your area, your business will be populated in the search engine right in front of their screen ready to be contacted.

Another way Spiritual Classifieds brings potential clients to your business is marketing ourselves, which means you don’t have to go through the hard process of marketing. Spiritual Classifieds have lots of traffic (visitors to our page) which means, if we get visited by 75,000 people a week, your business will be visited 75,000 times also, more visible, more visitors, more clients.

Now lets talk about the most important thing to make this happen… CONTENT.

 It does not matter where you are trying to market your businesses, you WILL need to have that content to show, and the more content you can provide, the more visible you will be. That is the technique most popular and famous websites use to make business, content with the right keywords describing what and who are you.  But the million dollars question is, what and how can I provide that content for Spiritual Classifieds to be able to deliver it to potential customers?  Well just making your profile with only your picture or logo won't make it. Here are some of our recommendations for you to make it happen…

  1. Fill up your profile in full including your about section, services, payment methods and more, the more you add to your profile, the more visible you will be in the Spiritual Classifieds search engine and Google.
  2. Start threads in articles, post comments in the message board, reply to different topics and comments. Talk about your businesses, your practices, inform people about what your practice is or include.
  3. Post your business events with a picture and enough information to book your event with price and the ability to pay for it linking to your checkout page.
  4. Post classifieds if you are selling spiritual products used or news including price and ways to pay for them.
  5. Make some videos and post them in your profile to show the people what you do and offer, even funny videos to get peoples attention with your business information.
  6. Add coupons for people to use with your services, classes or events.
  7. Share with other businesses owners in the message board with different topics and questions.
  8. Formulate questions, facts and different topics in the discussion area.

These are just some features Spiritual Classifieds offer and all of them are designed to unleash the best potential of your spiritual business. Increasing your visibility and adding more content automatically linked to your profile. Follow these steps and save tons of money transforming your marketing from being an expense to a lucrative investment.

I developed Spiritual Classifieds thinking as a spiritual business owner that I am with limitations, those limitations where advertising and promoting our businesses in places like social media under control of an algorithm, not doing what you told them to do with your marketing investment, and them doing what they want and need to do to make you spend more money targeting different networks that have nothing to do with your interests and making marketing an expense for you. We needed a dedicated spiritual search engine to reach more people, the right targets, the right network for the right clients and the right place for clients to find what they need.

You do not need a webpage to join Spiritual Classifieds, that is the beauty of it, you can use Spiritual Classifieds to be your business page, to promote your actual business page, be your store, sell your products and promote your physical spiritual business and practices.  Save all the work, time and tons of money marketing put in your hands and pocket letting Spiritual Classifieds do it for you.


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